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3Tre 2014: Salviato wins again
Spagnoli-Parisi and Canè-Galliani complete the podium

"Top Driver" Ezio Salviato from Varese, winner of 2012 Winter Marathon, has won for the second time in a row the 3Tre Challenge beating Franco Spagnoli and Giuseppe Parisi... Learn me more


26th Winter to Canè-Galliani. On the podium Salviato-Salviato and Margiotta-Perno

Giuliano Canè and Lucia Galliani have won the 2014 Winter Marathon. The crew from Bologna, reaching their sixth personal success in the competition, have achieved a victory a... Learn me more

Press Release no. 3

Sarezzo BS, Tuesday 1 December 2009

<b>Winter Marathon 2010 was presented at the Centro Porsche Brescia Saottini</b> The press conference of the 22nd edition of the Winter Marathon, the classic opening event of the historic regularity car races, entered on the international CSAI calendar, was held on Friday 27 November at the Centro Porsche Brescia Saottini in Desenzano Del Garda. At the presence of the Sponsors, Authorities, Press and Public, Andrea Cittadini, journalist of Brescia’s TV-channel Teletutto, in cooperation with Dr. Gian Paolo Dosselli (responsible of communication and public relations with media and local institutions for Vecars) presented the evening, introducing the different speakers, who stressed the importance of the event reached by the new organization of Roberto and Andrea Vesco in only three years. Ms. Beatrice Saottini, perfect hostess, welcomed everybody, “proud of being for the third year once again at the side of Roberto Vesco and his staff, as Main Sponsor, in the organisation of an event that perfectly links its own sports values to the ones of the represented German car company, as the over 65 Porsche cars taking part in the 2010 race witness". As to the owner of the car dealership, the important news is that she will take part in the race as co-driver of Biagio Capolupo on a Porsche 911 S built in 1968. Dr. Franco Mizzaro, representing ATP Madonna di Campiglio (Tourist Office), underlined “the strong link between the local authorities and the motor sports events, that have accompanied the tourist promotion of the renowned skiing resort for years, with international appointments such as the 22nd edition of the Winter Marathon and the Wrooom (Ferrari & Ducati Press Ski Meeting) that will celebrate in 2010 its twentieth anniversary. Dr. Mizzaro continued speaking as Director of the Savoia Palace Hotel and pointed out how “this well known hotel placed right in the centre of the town has always cooperated with the Winter Marathon, and also for the 2010 edition it will be the seat of Race Headquarters and the location of the administrative checks and scrutineering”. Mr. Maurizio Emer, ACI-CSAI delegate for Trentino-Alto Adige, and a further spokesman for the relation between the event and Trentino territory, congratulated all the staff on “the great success of an event which requires undoubtedly a complex organisation considering the winter weather conditions that usually complicate the management of events like this, that are more frequently seen in our region in summer”. Gian Paolo Dosselli and Roberto Vesco illustrated then the new and most important aspects of the event from a sporting point of view: “the new route is 390 Km long; the crews will have to face 36 precision time trials and 11 alpine passes (two more passes than last year, Falzarego and Valparola, both with altitudes over 2000 metres). We propose in 2010 again the precision time trials at the modern Safety Park in Vadena, this time by daylight”. Before the final greetings and thanks, the organising committee wanted to list the numbers of the two previous editions: “An average of 200 crews, a staff of 25 people who work night and day in order to avoid difficulties and guarantee the normal progress of the race, 2 Clerks of the Event, a sports doctor, an ambulance and 2 breakdown vans; all this just to guarantee first of all the safety of an event that up till now has registered no accidents”. In connection with this, Gian Paolo Dosselli remembered that “also in 2010, as in the previous edition, the security will be increased thanks to “OBU” (On Board Unit), that the N-eXT will fit up in all cars (both in the competing cars and in the staff’s ones). These units will allow the Clerks of the Event to have the different stages of the event under complete control”. Among the guests, there were Giuliano Canè, 2009 edition's winner and Alessandro Gamberini who won in 2008. Canè, the champion from Bologna remarked “a winning organization that proposes a succession of long and short precision time trials both uphill and downhill, which oblige the drivers to keep the maximum concentration, which is easily lost driving on the difficult route of the race”. The young driver from Ferrara, who won in 2008 driving a Fiat 1100/103 TV said “the route is always demanding and complex because of the alpine passes” and added in accordance of his experience that “the race is won during night hours, that reward the crews that make less mistakes, when you start to feel more tired”. Before the final greetings, organisers thanked the important sponsors who sustain the Winter Marathon, contributing with their support to increase its importance and visibility. Andrea Cittadini closed the evening saying “good bye in Madonna di Campiglio from 21 to 24 January 2010 for the 22nd edition of the Winter Marathon”. The presention event ended with a cocktail-party offered to all guests. <i>Press Office Winter Marathon</i>

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