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3Tre 2014: Salviato wins again
Spagnoli-Parisi and Canè-Galliani complete the podium

"Top Driver" Ezio Salviato from Varese, winner of 2012 Winter Marathon, has won for the second time in a row the 3Tre Challenge beating Franco Spagnoli and Giuseppe Parisi... Learn me more


26th Winter to Canè-Galliani. On the podium Salviato-Salviato and Margiotta-Perno

Giuliano Canè and Lucia Galliani have won the 2014 Winter Marathon. The crew from Bologna, reaching their sixth personal success in the competition, have achieved a victory a... Learn me more

Press Release no. 4

Madonna di Campiglio TN, Sunday 24 January 2010

<b>The Winter Marathon goes to the brixian crew Fortin-Pilè</b> Pier Luigi Fortin and Laura Pilè in their small Fiat 600 dated 1957 are the winners of the 22nd edition of the Winter Marathon. Another crew from Brescia, with the young Michele Cibaldi and Andrea Costa in Porsche 356 SC Coupé, 1963 is placed second. Third place for Alessandro Gamberini and Pier Luigi Nobili in the same and reliable 1956 Fiat 1100/103 TV in which they triumphed in the 2008 edition. Fourth and fifth, the two strong Sicilian drivers Giovanni Moceri (navigated by the winner of the 2009 TAG Heuer Barozzi Trophy, Massimo "Mimmo" Raimondi) and Angelo Accardo with Giacomo Bongiorno in the 1962 Jaguar Mk II. After the first 12 challenging time trials on the different passes, Carlo Magno pass, Dimaro and Mendola pass, Adorni-Fontana are leading with 79 penalties (after cancelling the worst time trial and considering the coefficient), followed by Canè-Galliani with 83, Clerici-Restelli with 86, Fontanella-Malta with 88 and D'Antinone-Perego, fifth with 92 penalties. The race then continues with the 4 time trials in the modern safe driving centre, “Safety Park” in Vadena (BZ), which begin this year in daylight, and give the race the first shake. Fontana confirms his first place (96) and Canè his second (106) while Fortin with a great recovery reaches the third place (127), D'Antinone is fourth with 144 penalties while Cibaldi is only ninth and Fontanella goes out of the top ten. During the transfer to the Lavazè pass, Canè, Margiotta and Perno retire because of mechanical failures, and after the precision time trials in Fiemme and Predazzo, only one penalty divides Fortin and Fontana, still first with 158, Cibaldi is third with 191, Accardo fourth with 194 and D'Antinone clings to the fifth place but with more than 200 penalties. The dinner in Canazei lets the competitors recover from the tiredness of the first 170 kilometres of driving, while the following 220 can see the historic cars face the most challenging section of the route with the passages of the passes: Pordoi, Falzarego, Valparola and Gardena. After the trial number 33 Cibaldi is first with 238 penalties, preceding Fortin with 248, Fontana with 262, while Gamberini gains the fourth place with 315 in front of Passanante and Riboldi sharing the same place with 316 penalties. The last 3 precision time trials held on Mendola pass again, decide the race, as Fortin takes the lead, followed by Fontana, Cibaldi falls back to the third place in front of Gamberini and the Sicilian Moceri. But the surprise is just around the corner, at the Time Control in Folgarida, Armando Fontana has a delay of 8 minutes, that makes him to fall back in the classification from the second to the fortieth place, and excluding him even from the Trophy on the frozen lake. The final ranking is determined by 32 precision time trials out of the 36 scheduled at the beginning, as a sudden turning off of two timing equipments has forced the Clerks of the Event to cancel the 4 time trials involved (PC 17-18 and 20-21). The edition of records has seen at the start 196 crews out of the 200 entered, 164 of them have regularly come to the finish; the beautiful weather has characterized the entire event. During the night the temperatures recorded on most of the 11 passes have been lower than 8-9 degrees below zero, with a peak of -13 degrees registered on the Valparola pass, this is one of the many novelties of the 2010 edition. The service offered by N-eXT has been greatly appreciated. They have provided all the cars in the race with the OBU (On Board Unit), both the competitors’ cars and the Organizers’ ones. The refined technical instrument has recorded about twenty calls concerning only mechanical problems, while there have been no calls for medical problems, and above all they have allowed the Clerks of the Event to control real-time position of each competitor. On Saturday 23 January from 13.30 hrs, the greatly appreciated Trophies MotorStorica and TAG Heuer Barozzi took place, broadcasted live on Teletutto and in streaming on the website (also reachable through the event website at the special link). In the first trophy, reserved to pre-war sports cars, the success went to the 1936 Riley Sprite TT of Indaco-Lupieri that preceded the 1937 Citroen 11 AL Roadster dated of Sandolini Cortesi-Marti and the 1936 Fiat 508 S Morettini of the crew Riboldi-Guerini. In the TAG Heuer Barozzi Trophy, reserved to the first 32 classified crews in the night race, it was necessary a playoff between the winner crew D'Antinone-Perego and the second placed team composed by Fabbri-Bertieri, which repeated his second place of last year behind Raimondi. Third place for Gregori-Ghilardi in their Fiat 600 D Multipla that beat Gamberini-Nobili in the consolation final. Last appointment at the PalaWrooom, the Congress Centre in Madonna di Campiglio, where starting from 19.30 hrs the price-giving ceremony took place, followed by the farewell dinner which ended with the goodbye in 2011. <i>Press Office Winter Marathon</i>

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