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Classic Cars no. 489, April 2014 page 20                                                                                                                  Ruoteclassiche no. 303, March 2014 page 96-99                                                                                                                  La Manovella year LIV n° 3, March 2014 page 22                                                                                                                  Gente Motori Classic no. 6, March/April 2014 page 82-89                                                                                                                  Tutto Porsche year XV no. 75, March 2014 page 88-90                                                                                                                  Autocapital year 35 no. 3, March 2014 page 118-121                                                                                                                  Automobilismo d'Epoca year 12 no. 65, March 2014 page 122-125                                                                                                                  Gente Motori n0. 3, March 2014 page 112-115                                                                                                                  Grace year XII no. 3, March 2014 page 114-119                                                                                                                  Press Release no. 3 - Sarezzo BS, Sunday 26 January 2014                                                                                                                  

Photo gallery

24th edition press conference

Andrea Cittadini, journalist of Teletutto TV and presenter of the evening, waiting for the start of the pres conference. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
Giuliano Canè, winner of 2011 edition of the Winter Marathon. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
Andrea Vesco (on left) with Giordano Mozzi, winner of last 1000 Miglia. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
Welcome cocktail with Cà Besina wine. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
The external of the Centro Porsche Brescia Saottini during the welcome cocktail. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
Welcome cocktail with Cà Besina wine. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
The journalist Andrea Cittadini (on the left) present the guests of the evening: Ezio Zermiani, Roberto Vesco, Carmen Righi, Marco Masè and Ms. Beatrice Saottini. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
A moment during the press conference. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>
A close-up of Ms. Beatrice Saottini. <b>Photo Pierpaolo Romano 2011</b>

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