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3Tre 2014: Salviato wins again
Spagnoli-Parisi and Canè-Galliani complete the podium

"Top Driver" Ezio Salviato from Varese, winner of 2012 Winter Marathon, has won for the second time in a row the 3Tre Challenge beating Franco Spagnoli and Giuseppe Parisi and the crew composed by Giuliano Canè and Lucia Galliani: it that was not enough for them the success in the latest edition of the Winter Marathon to be able to overcome Salviato who entered his name again in the special trophy's roll of honour. At the end of the three events that were part of the challenge organized by Vecars, Adige Sport and Scuderia Dolomiti with the cooperation of Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Office, Salviato after the great second place at the Winter Marathon on a 1939 Lancia Aprilia (co-drived by the daughter Francesca) strengthened its leadership (co-drived by his wife Maria Caterina) with the third place at the Coppa Città della Pace and with last weekend's participation at the Mendola-Mendel History, despite a mechanical failure at its 1982 Autobianchi A112 has forced him to retire: with this unfortunate participation Salviato has add the special 30 points bonus reserved to all competitors at the start of all three events allowing him to defend the success of last year. Secont place for the crew from Brescia composed by Franco Spagnoli and Giuseppe Parisi - among the few crews who have participated in the three events on a pre-war car - and third place for Giuliano Canè and Lucia Galliani. With this ranking the 2nd edition of the challenge goes in archive and the prize-giving ceremony will take place, as last year, during the press conference of the 27th Winter Marathon that will be held in November. The complete classification can be downloaded clicking on the following link.


26th Winter to Canè-Galliani. On the podium Salviato-Salviato and Margiotta-Perno

Giuliano Canè and Lucia Galliani have won the 2014 Winter Marathon. The crew from Bologna, reaching their sixth personal success in the competition, have achieved a victory at the end of a competitive race dealed with the abitual 1938 Lancia Aprilia. Second place, with a separation of 39 penalties, Ezio and Francesca Salviato always on a Lancia Aprilia built in 1939 that have preceded past edition winners Margiotta-Perno on their 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S. First crew from Brescia the one of Franco Spagnoli and Giuseppe Parisi on a the oldest competing car, the 1932 Fiat 508 S. 43 over 44 were the precision time trials validated for the final classification because of the cancellation of PC 34 due to heavy accumulations of snow carryover, promptly reported by the Race Direction to all competitors on the route, which has caused several delays to the next control. 97 over 117 the crew that regullary started from Madonna di Campiglio on Friday 24 at 14.00 hrs. 1st foreign crew the one from San Marino composed by Francesco Galassi and Stefano Pezzi on a 1973 Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1.3 S while the 1st female crew has been the one composed by Lucia Fanti and Susanna Serri that on their 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI were ranked at 33rd final place at only 18 penalties away to the TAG Heuer Barozzi Trophy pc-show. The 26th edition of the Winter Marathon has been archived with the carrying out of the two trophies on the frozen lake reserved the first to the only pre-war sports cars (victory for Spagnoli-Parisi) and the second to the first 32 classified crews of the night race (won by Barcella-Ghidotti): last appointmente tonight for the prize-giving and the farewell dinner at the PalaCampiglio.


Belometti won the APT Trophy; second place for the crew Gatta-Maffina

Andrea Belometti and Stefano Cadei have won under the snow the first edition of the APT Trophy beating only thanks to the playoff the crew from Brescia composed by Marco Gatta and Luigi Maffina on a 1959 Porsche 356 A Coupé. It wasn't enough infact the first match between the two finalists that respectively after a time of 45".02 and 44".98 had to repeat the precision time trial to determine the winner. So the driver from Bergmamo has prevailed, on a 1967 Innocenti Mini Cooper Mk I, and starts its weekend in the right way achieving a great success that earned him important prizes including one week stay for two people in Madonna di Campiglio represented in that occasion by the Director of APT Tourist Office Giancarlo Cescatti who personally awarded the podium of the event congratulating both with all competitors and with the organization for the great success of the Trophy. For runners-up Gatta-Maffina and the third classified crew Battagliola-Prencipe (Austin Healey 100 BN1, 1955) there was a weekend stay for two people in the popular ski resort. So the first day of the Winter Marathon has been completed and is already possible to watch some beautiful images thanks to the direction of that have made some montages of highlights: in fact, just clicking to the link below you can choose from the playlist some of the realized videos. On the image: the 1967 Morris Mini Cooper Mk I of winners Belometti-Cadei (photo Pierpaolo Romano)


Winter Marathon live on TV. All race moments on tablet smartphone and pc

"Once again, with the usual enthusiasm to follow and comment and wonderful classic cars chasing each other in one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Cold, snow, curves, bends, effort will be again this year the ingredients of a fascinating challenge. Let's follow along on Fridays and Saturdays, day and night!". This is the thought of Ezio Zermiani that also this year, after the positive experience of last year, will follow all historic cars on the roads in the most spectacular way thanks to the mobile direction of everything will be transmitted both on Winter Marathon's website and on the official pages of Facebook and Twitter, with the ability to leave comments with hashtag #WinterMarathon2014 and then participate actively in the event, creating a relationship with the interaction between the fans who follow the evidence on the streets and at home. The event will also be visible in Lombardia, as well as web streaming, on Teletutto with live links from Campiglio in the news on Thursday (19.30 hrs), Friday (12.30 hrs and from 14.00 to 15.00 at the start of the race) and Saturday (12.30 hrs and from 14.00 to 16.00 with a series of links from the study during the PC shows on the frozen lake). In addition to live streaming, as usual, you can follow in real time race's rankings and GPS positioning of all competitors on the route due to the On Board Unit system mounted on each car. So stay tuned on to enjoy this 26th edition from the comfort of home on your smartphones and tablets!


Online the entry list: here are the details of the 130 crews at the start

Is available online by this afternoon the entry list of the 26th edition. Among the 130 crews there will be 24 Top Driver never so many entered in this difficult winter competition scheduled from 23 to 26 January in Madonna di Campiglio. So there will be many crews who will try to steal the scepter from the duo Margiotta-Perno, winner of last edition, that on the same 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S will still be the crew to beat. There will also be an intense sports battle between the diffucult entered pre-war car such as the Fiat 508 S of Spagnoli-Parisi (who will start 1st) and the Lancia Aprilia of Turelli-Turelli, Canè-Galliani (winners in 2009 and 2011), Salviato-Salviato (who won in 2012) and Aliverti-Maffi (2nd last year). Among the other teams who will fight for the title there will be the Fontana-Adorni (Fiat 1100/103 E TV, 1957) that several times came close to success in recent years, as well as the duo of Alessandro Gamberini (winner in 2008) and Maurizio De Marco on a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super, official team of the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum of Arese as well as Salvinelli-Lanfranchi (Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ Coda Tronca, 1962). Welcome return, after his victory in the first TAG Heuer Barozzi Trophy in 2008, the strong driver "Pippo Rapisarda" who will compete with Ugo Gambardella on a Lancia Fulvia 2C built in 1965. The other favorites: Fontanella-Malta (Porsche 356 Coupé, 1955), Passanante-Salvi (Lancia Appia C10S, 1957), Cibaldi-Costa (second classified in 2010 this year on their inusual 1957 Austin A35), Aiolfi-Riboldi (Fiat 1500 Coupé, 1960) and last but not least Gianmaria Aghem from Torino, with his wife Rossella Conti, on their Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1.2 built in 1967. Among VIPs we find Ivan Capelli, ex Formula 1 driver and now Rai commentator for the World Championship: he will compete on a 1965 Volvo PV544 entered by Volvo Italian Register. There will be 24 car manufacturers represented: as tradition Porsche will be the most representative brand with 38 cars including the 1954 Speedster drived by Biagio Capolupo and Beatrice Saottini for Centro Porsche Brescia and also the two of Porsche Italia: the 1964 356 C Cabriolet that will compete with the crew of Enrico Fulgenzi, Carrera Cup winnter and Sergio Troise and the 911 Carrera RS (1973) drived by General Manager Pietro Innocenti and Laura Confalonieri. Completed also the list of 15 post-68 cars: among them some models that made history on 70's rallies such as Lancia Stratos and Fulvia 1.3 S / 1.6 HF, Renault Alpine A110 1600S, Morris Mini Cooper S, Saab 96 V4, Porsche 911 and Fiat Abarth 131 Rally. Concerning the rarest entered cars we can find the BMW 507 of german crew Stoschek-Brasch and the 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce Prototype owned by the famous collector Corrado Lopresto from Milano. And over a 1935 Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport of Morini-Fiumana, the Ford Cortina Lotus Mk II (1968) of german crew Assmus-Assmus, the Citroën Traction Avant (1937) of Sandrolini-Ferrari, the Jensen 541R (1960) of Squizzato-Benatti from Brescia, the inusual Skoda Felicia Convertibile (1961) driven by Renato and Mauro Timpini, the rare Saab Sonett III built in 1974 drived by Pellegrino-Valentino, besides two Volkswagen Maggiolino and some 'classic' english models such as Triumph, MG and Austin Healey. The download of the entry list is possible by clicking over the following link.


Presented the 2014 edition, prize-giving for the 1st edition of '3Tre Challenge'

Desenzano del Garda. In the beautiful location of Centro Porsche Brescia Saottini the 26th edition of the Winter Marathon has been presented to competitors, authorities and sponsors. There were over 200 passionates who joined the evening to listen all event news showed by relators. Ms. Beatrice Saottini for Centro Porsche Brescia Saottini, Marco Masè president of Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Office, Maurizio Emer representing CSAI sports authorities of Trentino, the famous sports journalist Ezio Zermiani supported by Roberto Vesco president of the Organizing Committee. Teletutto's journalist Andrea Cittadini presented the press conference. During the evening well-known personalities from the world of motoring, interviewed by Zermiani, has attempted such as drivers Alex Caffi and Luigi Zampaglione and also the chairman of Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Alessandro Casali and the famous award-winning classic car collector Corrado Lopresto that will take part for the first time in 2014 edition with a prototype of his collection. It was also the opportunity to award Ezio Salviato who won the first edition of the 3Tre Challenge - organized by Vecars, Adige Sport and Scuderia Dolomiti in collaboration with Campiglio Tourist Office - which preceded Alberto Aliverti and the crew Margiotta-Perno. The Organizing Committee also wanted to thank all main sponsors by gave them one elegant desk box personalized with event's logo. The evening, broadcasted live by Nibla TV with over 10.000 followers on the web, finally ended with the classic cocktail party set up inside the dealership. Next appointment is now from 23 to 26 January for 2014 Winter Marathon.


Press conference live. Follow live-streaming tonight's event from 19.30

Centro Porsche Brescia Saottini in Desenzano del Garda (Bs) once again will host tonight's press confernece of the Winter Marathon, the traditional and most important season's Great Event in the CSAI calendar, full of news as never before: at the presence of authorities, sponsors and participants will be revealed the main aspects of 26th edition, which will take place in Madonna di Campiglio from 23 to 26 January 2014. Thanks to the support given by Nibla TV the press conference will be broadcasted live and can be followed in streaming on the web also from home on the link below.


Prize-giving for '3Tre' 2013: Salviato won the title over Aliverti and Margiotta-Perno

During the press conference of the 26th edition of the Winter Marathon scheduled Friday 29 November there will be the 2013 3Tre Challenge prize-giving, that has registered the victory of Ezio Salviato thanks to the excellent results achieved in the three events that were part of the challenge organized by Vecars, Adige Sport and Scuderia Dolomiti with the cooperation of Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Office. After the driver who came from Varese we find Alberto Aliverti and the crew of Antonino Margiotta & Bruno Perno: the same two competitors, at the last Winter Marathon, had battled for the top finishing respectively in second and first place overall. The first three classified in the Challenge will be awarded by a prestigious reproduction of the same trophies won by Marcel Hirscher, Felix Neureuther and Naoki Yuasa in the Ski World Cup Race held in Madonna di Campiglio in last December 18th, 2012.


WM & Porsche together again: Centro Porsche Brescia alongside 26th edition

Starting from the press conference that will be held next Friday 29 November at its headquarters in Desenzano del Garda, the dealer of Saottini Auto Group confirms its support, as Main Sponsor, to the 26th edition of the Winter Marathon, the regularity race that from 23 to 26 January 2014 will come back in Madonna di Campiglio to fascinate more sensitive fans and that involve every year all best specialists of historic cars races. Winter Marathon and Centro Porsche Brescia will run again side by side for the seventh consecutive year, with the passion and the sporting spirit that distinguishes them, with a great ambition: make this year memorable both for participants and for public.

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